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, unless you get some hideous unemployment number, i still think the polls read pro obama. a lot of buzz on vacation about the 49 state sweep. utah, maybe wisconsin. i don't know. >> market positive? >> i'm saying that what i like, there's a lot of stuff saying if the challenger wins, it's good. i just like to know what's happening now and if you remember, if you know that you're going to get obama, you can do some planning, it's not necessarily positive planning, but you can do some planning. >> is the polling scientifically approved? >> i think a couple hundred responses. >> he's tamped in -- >> restaurant rossling or what was it. >> 157. the oieo. >> morgan stanley. >> got a great idea for the show. >> is it important? i should come back to spain's more important. i don't want to de-emphasize politics, but if spain, as spain goes goes new hampshire. how about that? give a little landon. >> morgan stanley receiving two upgrades. mike mayo upping the stock to buy. but they differ when it comes to goldman's. jpmorgan downgrading firm to underweight from neutral. jpmorgan says its prefere
obama and clinton said earlier this week at the dnc. a lot to get to. but a lot more corporate news in addition to job this is morning. i know you guys have that covered top to bottom. >> we look forward to that interview. we want to get you caught up on where the futures markets are standing. we had a big global rally. here we have the futures markets have pared their gains. keep in mind that the dow had closed at the highest levels in many years here, since december '07. holding on to some gains here. s&p 500 looking at 2.5 at the hope. as for the picture over in europe, holding on to the gains across the board. our roadmap starts with jobs. that goldman now saying chances of further easing are above 50%. >> and what about europe? shares pared gains after hitting 13-month highs. but spanish and italian bonds, rising month highs. china's market, very strong. big spending on things like subway construction. >> bell slumping premarket. the chip giant cutting third-quarter sales citing a challenging macro environment and weakness in the pc enterprise market. are we watching the death
how much money you make but the difference you make in people's lives. >> first lady michelle obama at the democratic national convention last night making the case for re-electing her husband the president. in the next hour of "squawk on the street" we'll go to charlotte to the dnc and get a live interview with the cofounder of costco, the former ceo who has had long standing support for the democratic party. we'll talk more about that, 10:30 a.m. eastern time right here on "squawk on the street." he has put his money where his mouth is and tried to keep it a little more quiet during his tenure, active tenure as ceo, jim, but now that he is basically retired -- >> wasn't that something, your documentary remains the best way to understand this man's thinking and how he offers the best single employment plan of any private company i could find which is why, carl, how important is retention of employees? with retail it can be as high as 50%. >> amazing story. >>> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will make his first public appearance tuesday since the tumultuous ipo in may. it will take pl
the market is baking in an obama victory, but if romney wins we could take out easily something north of 1500. >> tom lee, thanks for joining us. >> great. thanks for having me. >> one more market flash here from jackie d'angelis back at headquarters. >> hey, carl, keep an eye on delta airlines. their investor conference, deutsche bank conference making comments saying third-quarter profit should be solid, even as rising fuel costs are pressuring the margins. the operating margins, that is, expected to be 9% to 11%, a point below expectations, but, again, they are reiterating that profits should be solid. watch that stock of 3% in today's session. melissa? >> jackie, thank you. coming up next, heading back down south of charlotte where the governor of illinois pat quinn will join us with his thoughts on clinton, president obama and last week's rnc message. at u.s. trust, our expertise extends well beyond investment advice and research analysis. it includes proprietary offerings like our eldercare program, which helps provide for those who came before you. and our financial empowerment program
this company as a taxpayer. >> i think behind the scenes, obama has been very reluctant to take any credit on this. what it identifies with is first you have to say, we did a bailout and then you say the bailout worked. and the bailout means that executives made a lot of money. i have pounded the administration to talk about this as being something that come on "mad money" and say, this has been a good deal. and behind the scenes what they're saying is, look, what you want to do is exactly the opposite of what president obama wants to do, which is say, hey, listen, this was great news for the taxpayer. and romney gets so say, how good was it -- g gives romney the chance to wash the bankers. >> four years ago f you had told me aig which was on the way to receiving $182 billion in u.s. government aid would ever, ever see this day, i would have -- there's no way. no way. >> that's a great point. we keep forgetting what it looked like in the darkest hours. and this just seemed like we're writing a check to -- a black hole check. >> $182 billion and you're going to see your money? >> and everyb
crimes yet the department of justice has made it abundantly clear they will not prosecute obama campaign contributor jon cor design, however the government routinely attempts prosecution for tax violations against politically unfavored groups for acts that are legal within the tax code that the government itself has written. the criminal conduct is more and more whose side you're on politically than whether you obey the law. that's james koutoulas' opinion but how about you? is it fair? here is the hash tag, is it fair? on the screen @cnbcsquawk street. tell me if i'm looking at this right. is it fair? carl, back to you. >> rick, we'll get you those results later on. bart chilton coming up in a few moments. >>> sima modi? >> the fda lifting a temporary hold on a study testing a version of viropharma's genetic disorder drug, we're seeing shares rise sharply in today's trading. this drug used the technology from halozyme therapeutics. carl back to you. >> sima, thanks so much. >>> 46 days until the november election. when we come back imf adviser and former adviser to president clinton, ro
talked and the fact that obama is leading in the polls and the market has to consider the fact that aggressive rises in capital gains tax. that may be a fact. at what point will people sell anticipation of that, do you think? >> i think they are nervously watching and they bought into the qe thing assuming that the gridlock will continue and perhaps from the presidential polls to the presidential election polls. and if there is still not complete control by any one party, the deadlock will continue and the market will be mollified with that. >> you mentioned what you would do if you were at the sidelines at this point in time and "the wall street journal" article was interesting, sort of implying that fund managers were up and will actually sell. the vast majority of mutual fund managers and hedge funds are underperforming their marks. do you think this is going to be a force in the market, as "the wall street journal" wants to make it? it seems to me that the moneying managers outperforming are in such a minority that even if they went to the sidelines -- >> we've seen it. we'
a lot. >>> the united general assembly's 67th session opens today with president obama getting ready to take the stage at any moment. conflict in the middle east will be one of the key topics of his speech. we are at the white house and joined with a quick preview. >> reporter: two main subjects on the aden gentleman going to the yutss today. we are going to talk about the violence in the muslim streets that culminated into the american ambassador to libya. and he'll talk about the nuke lower armed iran. i was going to say there are no words for the innocence of the killing we have seen. there's also no video to justify an attack on an embassy. there's no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in lebanon or destroi a cool in tune this -- he does not think that the united states can live with the nuclear armed iran. carl, one point to think about as we think about the president's remarks here, he's been under fire f, and the obam camp is making an important issue, obama is clearly walking a tightrope today and doesn't want to threat up his re-election chances.
demand for merchandise and that's why we saw the volumes down. >> obviously, if you think obama is going to be re-elected, i don't think there will be another coal plant built in this country. that's already been scrapped. csx coal road, that means you can't ship coal by truck. the other businesses are not making up for it although you think about auto, that's good for norfolk southern. a decline in coal is happening far faster than people realize. if i see a united parcel down, norfolk southern, and this is so dramatic you have to say, what happened to coal? has it just disappeared as a method to heat? maybe not metal, but to heat, coal is going away in front of our eyes. >>> meanwhile, talking about the other warnings we have gotten the past few days, fedex, intel, a couple big high-profile retailers at the high end. we knew this was coming. a lot of companies giving presentations and conferences, but to you, does it feel like it is a large enough sample to make a broad call about future earnings? >> what you're investing in, i see you're norfolk southern and raise your general mills.
contributors to barack obama. so let's focus on the left side of the aisle this morning. we're using fresh data here from the center for responsive politics, focusing on donors who gave to groups that contribute some or all of their money to the presidential race. we're going to start with number five, jeffrey katzenburg, the ceo of dreamworks. he and his company have been lobbyists for a lot of copyright companies in washington as well as protection against china. katzenberg attended a lunch with biden and top chinese officials. after that, dreamworks has a jv with the son of china's president. going on to our number four on the list is jim simons. he is the founder of renaissance technologies. and he is the richest of the democratic dee nonors with a ne worth of $11 billion. education is a big issue for the democrats. math education and reform of public education, big issue for jim simons, who i'm sure will be a big voice for democrats. remember, president obama's change of position on gay marriage this summer, shortly after that, he got a big check from a guy named jon stryker, architect in
the right point. that's exactly the right point. we should -- obama is right. we ought to help companies that invest in jobs and create jobs in america and not create jobs oversea. that's what we've been doing. our tax code is really screwed up. inequality is a big problem in this country. not because of some moral code on the left. but because when you get too much inequality and people stop believing in the system, you ruin the country. we are in real danger in this country because of wealth inequality. >> wealth has risen across the globe. it's not a u.s. only issue. >> that's true. that's a big problem. >> what's unique about the united states is the united states has done better over the past 30 years than countries which have decided to keep tax rates high and keep their industries regulated. by lowering marginal tax rates, by deregulating has given the u.s. a huge advantage over countries that haven't. >> the times we did best of all is when bill clinton was president. i think we ought to have the same tax rates we had when bill clinton was president. >> can we get spending down t
obama will speak from the rose garden at 10:35 a.m. about the killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya and the impact that it is having here. we, of course, will be following that as well. back to you. >> thank you very much, sharon epperson. a couple of quick notes on the market. small moves percentagewise but important. s&p 500 has hit a new intraday high. the highest levels since may 2008. the dow hitting a fresh intraday high, highest level since december of '09. housing stocks of note, we mentioned it before, but the hgx attracts housing trading at the highest level since april of '08. >>> coming here, tweet time f you take mark zuckerberg's advice and your first bet is to double down on facebook, your second bet would be to double down on blank? tweet us. we'll take a look at today's early movers. ♪ fashion >> tomorrow, an exclusive interview with j. crew ceo miller drexler on the heels of fashion week. where is the consumer and what exactly is going on with the high-end retailers? all that and more tomorrow on "squawk on the street." >>> take a look at the dow heat map. travel
yielded a step up for president obama. as you mentioned, among likely voters in our survey, he leads 50-45 and there are three building blocks of obama's move forward in this race. first of all, you ask people about how they feel about the country, up to 39% say we're headed in the right direction. that's an improvement in sentiment from earlier this summer, the same is true on what is going to happen on the economy over the next year. you now have 42% saying it is going to be better. optimism is lifting the president. secondly, on key issues, he has a 10 percentage point lead on medicare. when you ask people who would be better to handle the issue of taxes, even though mitt romney is proposing a tax cut and president obama proposing to raise taxes for people in the top end he has a 6 percentage point lead over handling the issue of taxes and he has drawn even on the economy which is supposed to be mitt romney's strong suit. the other thing that president obama has done at the democratic convention and beyond is reframe the conversation from a referendum on his management of the economy
something. they got whopped over the head by obama and, you know, we seem to forget there was a major trade war started over there over the weekend. >> hey, not stock-specific but everyone is talking about mitt romney's comments on "mother jones." do you think some of the negative tone today is the idea that the campaign is troubled? that his chances are smaller than they were yesterday? >> i'm getting horrible heat because i mentioned that a lot of people were against befornan. and now i'm really going to get heat that, yes, it had a feeling of csx or southern norfolk train having trouble staying on the tracks there. notice i didn't say union pacific. >> are you basically -- are you hinting that a romney win is market positive? >> did you say something about a romney win? >> does not compute? is that what you're thinking? >> no. i'm just thinking it's going to be an uphill battle. look, would the market duo higher? i said that last week on the show and everyone said, you partisan. you love romney, you just want the market to go higher. good, let everybody hate me on both sides. you know, c
. something for candidates romney and obama in today's data. you can imagine romney pounding on the weak growth and obama saying hey, 286,000 more jobs out there and there's also something for bulls and bears but not much anybody from a sober analysis this remains a weak growth economy. melissa? >> thank you very much, steve liesman. >>> and from the u.s. to spain, let's head across the atlantic for more on spain's budget as the country hopes to avoid a bailout. steve sedgwick joins us live with the very latest. steve. >> reporter: yeah, thanks very much, indeed. we just heard literally in the last 20 minutes or so that the press conference, the announcement about this austerity that we've been waiting for all day will now get the conference in around about an hour's time. so all should be revealed about what rajoy intends to do. in the next stage of austerity. because i think the next stage because there's already been at least four bouts of austerity from this government since it came in in december last year. the last was a 2012 budget which we got 64 billion euros worth of austerity
's not looking like united health. with the elderly and obama care. this is a google situation. i like that a lot better. >> i like that better. a lot more optimistic rather than thinking of getting old and decrep decrepit. >>> apple hitting record highs. pre-orders for the iphone 5 begin. shipping expectations have been shifted from one week to two. it took 22 hours for the 4s to sell out of its preorder and 20 hours and 7 seconds to sell out the iphone 4. did drexler get his phone? i wonder. it is selling out that quickly. >> i would point out, now we're seeing these derivatives trading on the arm holdings. here's a great one. western digital puts out a horrible number. >> it was a dividend. >> apropos of the dow, here we have some technology stocks that are so -- you have intel and microsoft, very old tech. apple obviously if we're going to start measuring a sellout by hours we're dealing with -- paul krugman would acknowledge. >> the "i" economy is the u.s. economy. it's a lot more cash on the balance sheet, that's for sure. >>> all right. let's get to rick santelli at the cme with breaking n
passed away told president obama that if he had 30,000 frpg neaengineers, he co it. that's a meeting they have. they have more engineers in china overseeing the process. he talked all the time about a shortage of engineers here in the united states which is not an insignificant problem. >> before we go, take a look at the retail losers today. ralph lauren is the biggest loser. tive n tiffany's on the list, whole foods, coach. businesses that cater to people of a certain income. >> how many ways can you color the same check and hope to send it around the world? they're not a respected name for a lot of people in the united kingdom. it is actually a down market brown. >> down market? >> if you believe that, at least there are buying opportunities when you see the others. i have a bbe coat. >> it's getting chilly now. >> of course, simon, see you in a bit. if you're just joining us this is what you missed earlier on this morning. >> welcome to hour three of "squawk on the street." here's what's happening so far. >> if mark fields delivers a ford fiesta with three wheels, he's out. if i
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